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Bow Side Marine is a one stop shop for all of your marine, boating and outdoor needs.  Here you can find value on items from top marine brands like MINN KOTA, MOTORGUIDE, ABU GARCIA, LEWMAR and many more!

What makes us the experts? We are in Florida, the state that is named the boating capital of the world.  In Florida we have more boat owners than any state in the US with tens of thousands out of state boats in Florida waters.  We live, work and play on the water and we cater and support those who share the passion.  So thank you for stopping by, "may you have fair winds and following seas"!


Every day, thousands of people are found along the beach either for recreation or work. There are numerous activities carried out in the marine and boating industries that involve the use of various tools. While some tools are meant to induce joy, like surfboards, others are essential to prevent or reduce the risks of accidents. Either way, the presence of BowSideMarine.com, a one-stop shop for all tools used in open waters is convenient. Marine supply store is a shop that contains the necessary tools utilized in the marine and boating industries. Equipment sold at BowSideMarine.com range from complex ones such as satellite receivers, propellers, and radars to simple tools, such as gauges, rod holders, life vests, and navigation lights. We hope this highlights the importance of having a one-stop shop for marine and boating equipment.

Docking apparatus are some of the essential tools to find in a marine supply store. When it comes to anchoring and docking ships and boats, anchors, mooring whips, and dock lines are used. Dock lines are special ropes used to tie boats in place, while anchors are large, heavy metal pieces that are dropped to the sea bed for mooring ships. On the other hand, Mooring whips are flexible poles that look like fishing rods mounted on the dock and with nylon strips that complete the connection to boats. However, boatlifts are always available, but many people do not have the time to lift and release their boats, not forgetting the fact that there are charges. Ultimately it is important to note that dock lines, mooring whips, and anchors are not the only anchoring accessories.

Www.BowSideMarine.com, a one-stop-shop for boating equipment also allows access to critical apparatus such as life vests, VHF handheld radios, medical kits, compasses, searchlights, and cellular amplifiers that ensure marine safety. According to Quan et al. (2017), the neglect of using life vests has become the main cause of drowning. Utilizing personal floatation devices such as dry suits and life vests thus reduces the chances of drowning. In case of getting lost in the sea, communication is vital. VHF-handled radios, satellite telephones, and CB radios are some of the apparatus used for location.

In most cases, waves and storms separate boats cruising together, and without such tools, it would be easy for some ships to get lost. Communication systems tend to be complex, requiring other components while passing information. For instance, amplifiers make adjustments to signals which are then converted into supported formats and then transferred to speakers, subwoofers, and sound bars that make it possible for us to hear what other vessels are communicating (Nguyen & Dong, 2020). Moreover, while out in the sea, solar panels are moved in the direction of the sun’s movement to convert sun rays into energy used in power tools and systems.

Our Marine supply sore also contain some of the most critical equipment for enhancing smooth cruising. Propellers are used in steering large boats and ships, unlike oars that require human labor. A bow thruster can also be used for steering. However, two are used in every machine whereby they are placed on both sides to avoid turning in one direction (Nguyen & Dong, 2020). At the same time, propellers steer the ship and steering wheels direct machines in appropriate directions. Steering systems are some of the most important systems of a ship while considering control and navigation.

Accurate navigation requires more compelling data than the human mind offers. Marine navigation and instruments thus take safe cruising much further than ever. Such instruments include radars which have currently undergone technological advancements to detect hostile ships and incoming attacks (Bhatti & Humphreys, 2017). Regarding international security, thermal cameras detect or improve objects' visibility in dark environments, especially underwater. Moreover, navigation lights are also used at night to prevent ships from cruising into inappropriate areas or running into objects such as rocks and ice burgs. Another group of tools that our one-stop Marine parts shop has is those that facilitate hygiene around water bodies. Cleaning beaches and collecting trash in water bodies has been a long-term initiative, and research shows that more needs to be done. Oil spillage is one of the main water pollutants (Carpenter & Kostianoy, 2019). The marine hardware available thus makes it easier for engineers to repair engines and leaking pipes. Moreover, fume detectors are critical in regulating gas emissions from large ships.

While it is acceptable to enjoy leisure time or engage in marine-related work, it is important to have access to various tools that can be utilized to ensure safety and add fun to various activities on the beach. BowSideMarine.com, a Marine supply store, or a one-stop-shop for all of your boating and sailing needs, allows access to various tools used in the marine and boating industries. Docking tools such as anchors, mooring whips, and dock lines enhance the positioning of boats and ships in a temporary position, preventing them from being carried away by waves (Bhatti & Humphreys, 2017). Regarding safety, life vests and dry suits are used to prevent people from drowning, while compasses, VHF handheld radios, and searchlights facilitate the easy location of lost swimmers or boats. Propellers are used in steering ships ahead, while bow thrusters are fixed at the sides of a boat.

In conclusion, technological advancement has allowed the invention of unique radars not only to be used by military vessels to detect hostile ships, but radars used in civil and recreational boating have greatly improved. Moreover, technology used in thermal cameras which are used to locate hostile vessels in stealth mode and objects in dark places, offer great capability for general boating and sailing as well. All can be purchased at our Marine supply store. Our online Marine store also contain hardware tools that engineers can utilize to fix pipes that spill oil. Fume detectors are also available to track and keep fume levels at low levels.